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Mold Inspection

Maui Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection 

With decades of experience in the mold remediation industry, Maui Mold Removal can help determine the level and extent of any visible mold damage. During the Maui mold inspection, we can investigate possible pockets of mold in areas such as under cabinetry, wall voids, and ceilings that show signs of elevated moisture levels or staining.

Once a Maui Mold Inspection initial Mold treatment assessment has been made of your home or business, we can present a mold remediation estimate to suit on your particular situation and needs.


Mold Testing

If during the initial Mold Inspection process, we feel that further mold investigation is required for areas such as unaccusable areas such as voids, walls, or HVAC systems, we may recommend air or bulk Mold Testing. These mold tests truly show what species of molds are present as well as the amount of mold spores in the air. This can be especially useful in determining a strategy for home or business with the occupants suffering from symptoms, but little or no visible signs of mold.

In some cases, bulk samples may be taken, bulk mold samples are typically done with the use of a clear tape which is known in the industry as a tape lift. A tape lift is a process where a Mold Sampling Technion takes a strip of clear tape and sticks it to an area and then peels if back off thus trapping mold onto the tape itself. The technician then sticks the tape to a glass microscope slide for future lab analysis.

Both of the data for these type tests are gathered and sent to a third-party lab for analysis at which point a Mold data report can be created.



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