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Leak Detection

Maui Leak Detection Company


Maui structural and plumbing leaks are often difficult to locate. Structural leaks such as roof or perimeter stucco leaks are typically slow or weeping leaks which only manifest themselves during prolonged saturation such as extended rainstorms.

If you have a non-visible plumbing leak, these too can be challenging as these pipes are generally installed in a wall or under a cement foundation. If these unexposed pipes develop a crack or pin holes, you’ve got a major issue that you can’t even see!  Here are some tell-tale signs you may have a leak.


Pooling water on the floor with no visible source.

Warm spots on the floor.

Moldy Walls.

Mold growing under a sink or at the base of the cabinet.

Moist musty carpets.

Rising water or electricity bills.

The sound of running or hissing water when the tap is off.

Damp or muddy soil around the edge of the house.

Movement on your water meter when no plumbing fixture is being used.

Warped or decolored wood floors.


Specialized equipment


When you suspect that your Maui home has a slab leak, it’s time to call Maui Mold Removal, we can pinpoint the leak using the latest equipment to find the leak fast. Our company utilizes the latest electronic sound detection, thermal imagery camera's, digital moisture meters, and pipe locating equipment. With decades of leak detection experience, we can pinpoint the water source and get the repair done.


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